Health and Safety


New Hope is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment with the core objective that our people go home at the end of the day unharmed.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment

Our team is empowered to create workplaces where a strong safety culture is valued.  This is reinforced by a comprehensive suite of practical safety programs, such as the 'i-safe/we-safe' thinking and behavioural initiative and our commitment to safety 'Life Rules', which deliver real results on the ground. We believe in the concept of "safe production".

We invest in developing people to ensure we have a highly skilled workforce that is proficient throughout all areas of our business. The hands-on style of our management and leadership team sees them lead by example. Proactive programs, clear accountability, an inclusive culture, and effective communication, enable us to provide a safe place to work.

Our healthy lifestyles and wellness initiative is another vital part of our safety culture. New Hope’s philosophy is that a healthy workforce is a productive and safe workforce. As part of a holistic program, we look for creative opportunities to support our people in staying active.

Health and safety spans all aspects of our diverse business. Our safety culture goes beyond our employees to include our contractors and subcontractors, visitors, and the wider communities in which we operate. This work integrates with our environmental management practices to ensure that we achieve the best outcomes.

New Hope was a finalist in the 2012 Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference's Innovation Awards.

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