Key Information

Product:  Coking coal
Mining method:  Open cut
Location:  Ashford, northern New South Wales (EL 6428, EL 6234)
Reserves and Resources: See our latest ASX JORC Announcement
Exploration status:  Early concept studies


The Ashford project is held in 50:50 joint venture with Renison Coal Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Laneway Resources Ltd. The deposit is located in northern New South Wales approximately 15 km north of the town of Ashford. Mining occurred in the region in the early part of the 20th century with the coal being used for metallurgical smelting. The Ashford Colliery, an open cut operation, was later operated from 1957 to 1988. The coal was supplied to the Ashford Power Station located beside the mine site.  


The surrounding areas are used mostly for grazing with small scale cropping along the banks of the Severn River to the immediate west of the project area.  


Exploration activities have been carried out under access and compensation arrangements with landholders. 


The Permian-aged Ashford coal measures are expressed as a narrow (<10km) 80km-long basin stretching from the Queensland border in the north to Inverell in the south. The Ashford seam makes up the principle resource and ranges from 0.2-24.4metres in thickness within the project area. The western extent of the coal measures is defined by the Severn Thrust, which is a north-south trending, low angle (<20 degree) reverse fault that sheared the top of the granite cover to the west and displaced it over the coal measures.