New Hope bolsters security at Cabanda Aged Care

18 June 2012

Security at the community-run Cabanda Aged Care complex at Rosewood will be bolstered following a donation by the New Hope Group. 

New Hope’s General Manager of West Moreton Operations Kevin Rayfield said the donation would be used to build a much-needed new security fence along the northern boundary of the facility.
He said New Hope recognised security was an issue at Cabanda and was proud to part of the solution to this ongoing issue.
“It is very satisfying to work for a community-minded company like New Hope and to be able to actively support great local organisations like Cabanda Care,” he said.
Lyall McEwin of Cabanda welcomed the $6,500 donation saying the not-for-profit organisation had been trying to fund the fencing for some time.
“We were chasing a grant to do the work but because of all the needy applicants after the flooding in 2011 we were unsuccessful,” he said.
“There has been a real issue of vandalism and theft on this northern side of the complex recently and the residents have been quite worried. 
“This donation will be a real boon for Cabanda and we will get onto the builder as soon as possible to get this new security fence put up.”
Cabanda retirement village resident Joy Gallagher said some recent night time incidents had panicked residents at the facility.
“It’s not the size or scale of what they are doing – it’s usually things like turning over outdoor tables and chairs or rubbish bins and breaking glass – it’s the fact that these people see us as an easy target,” Joy said.
“Residents are going to bed at night and are worrying that something might happen.
“This new fence will make residents feel more secure and it‘s great that New Hope has been able to help out with something that people will get benefit from every day.”