QBH celebrates milestone

1 April 2013

The Queensland Bulk Handling (QBH) coal export terminal at the Port of Brisbane is celebrating its 30th anniversary this month.

New Hope Group Managing Director Rob Neale paid tribute to QBH’s employees who were responsible for the facility’s superior performance.

“While there may be a combination of reasons for QBH’s enviable track record, the single most important reason is the fundamental attitude of the company and its employees,” he said.

“Many of the QBH employees have been with us long term, some for the full 30 years, and that says a lot about the company.

“QBH has gained an international reputation as one of Australia’s most reliable coal export terminals.

“A modern and extensive rail network and the fact that Brisbane is the closest Queensland port to a major coal source also help boost efficiency.”

Mr Neale said the QBH terminal was very flexible and could assemble several cargoes simultaneously.

“QBH also has the ability to store multiple coal types and the capability to blend coal to meet the customer’s requirements,” he said.

“Coal exported from QBH’s terminal is sought after on world markets because of its quality.

“All coal exported from the QBH terminal is steaming coal which is renowned for its excellent combustion and non-pollutant characteristics.”

QBH is owned by the New Hope Group and was commissioned at Fisherman Islands in 1983.

Click here to view our video celebrating our 30 year anniversary