Water evaporator trialled at Jeebropilly

13 May 2013

The  New  Hope  Group  is  trialling  a  water  evaporator  as  a  possible  way  of  getting  rid  of unwanted water in its mining operations.

Testing of one water evaporator started at Jeebropilly last week following the successful use of water evaporators in central Queensland mines in recent years.
New  Hope’s  General  Manager  for  West  Moreton  Operations  Kevin  Rayfield  said  the evaporator unit was being tested to gauge the suitability of the system in the local climate and humidity.
“This is an impressive system and it works by pumping water into jets at the top of a large conical cylinder,” he said.
“Inside  the  cylinder  is  a  high  volume  fan  that  blows  air  upwards,  catching  the  fine  jets  of water, further dispersing it into a fine mist.
“A large proportion of the mist evaporates before falling back to earth.
“New Hope has set up some gauges around the site to check on how much, if any, water is collected back on the ground in the area close to the evaporator.
“This is another example of the New Hope Group’s commitment to continual improvement.
“These  water  evaporators  have  been  used  successfully  in  more  than  2o  different  mines throughout central Queensland, and in industries outside of the resources sector as well, so we are using tried and tested technology here.
“We are simply testing this technology in our local climate to see if it works as well here as it has elsewhere.”
If the trial of the water evaporator is successful, the system could be particularly useful for getting rid of excess rainwater build ups in mining operations after heavy weather events.