The QRC welcomes the climate accord struck in Paris at COP21

13 December 2015

The Queensland Resources Council welcomes the climate accord struck in Paris at COP21.

The accord is in line with the work the resources sector has been doing with advanced technologies to reduce emissions from use of coal and gas in power generation.

Now that there seems to be steadfast commitment to implement High-Efficiency Low-Emission (HELE) coal-fired power generation technologies, Queensland’s lower-emission high-energy coal reserves are well-placed, alongside our natural gas, to play an important role in the transition to a lower emissions world.

We also welcome the endorsement in Paris from leading environmental NGOs that carbon capture and storage (CCS) will be an important part of the longer-term solution, alongside renewables and nuclear energy.

The Paris talks and accord have revealed nothing that alters our view that there will be very strong demand from India and South East Asia for our high-energy coal. In fact, governments from those regions made it very clear in Paris that coal will play a critical role in their future power supply.

India is still set to be the world's largest coal importer and they have mandated supercritical technology from 2017. The historic accord will place more focus on use of HELE coal technologies such as super critical and ultra supercritical technologies.

The accord also does not alter the expected 160 percent increase in demand for gas in Asia out to 2040.

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