Meet Danny Millers - Boats, Beaches, Dogs and StarWars!

28 June 2017

Occupation: Senior Mining Engineer

Lives: Ripley

Background info

Danny Millers is a local kid done good who discovered a passion for mining engineering during a trip 1.6km beneath the Earth’s surface.

The Bremer State High School graduate was completing his first year at university studying chemical engineering when a fateful trip to Mount Isa saw him descend into the depths of an underground copper mine, encouraging him to change study paths into mining.

Now an established Senior Mining Engineer at Ipswich based New Hope Group, Danny spent the first part of his career working in Central Queensland coal mines before returning to settle in Ipswich with his wife Mandy, a local artist with a studio in their home at Ripley.

"Mining is such an integral part of Ipswich’s history but funnily enough, despite growing up here I got my first taste of the industry in Central Queensland," Danny said.

"I went to school at Ipswich East and Bremer State High but I spent about four years in Blackwater and Middlemount when my Dad got a job as a mine’s electrician."

"I was only about 13 or 14 at the time and I really loved getting to see the draglines and all of the progress that happens on a mine site."

"Looking back on those years with Dad out on the mines and then growing up in a town built on mining, I guess me ending up as a mining engineer makes perfect sense."

Danny’s first year with New Hope Group was spent at New Acland Mine on the Darling Downs where he then transitioned to the company’s Ipswich operations which include the Corporate Office in Brookwater and the Jeebropilly Mine just outside of Rosewood.

"Our family are based here in Ipswich so I feel really lucky that I’m able to work in mining here at home, instead of somewhere more remote in a FIFO role," Danny said.

"Living and working locally means I’ve been able to spend more time with Mandy and our family, doing things we enjoy like woodwork and building things for our home."

Danny said he enjoys spending time out in his grandfather’s boat which he and his brother took over a few years ago.

"The boat’s about 30 years old and my brother and I grew up fishing in it with our grandparents and parents so it holds a lot of sentimental value to us."

"A perfect weekend for Mandy and I is getting away from the city and heading over to Fraser Island in our old Landcruiser to enjoy the beach."

Since meeting Mandy, Danny has become a converted small dog lover, welcoming two white West Highland terriers into their family.

They’ve also welcomed a spirited cockatiel into their home who is currently perfecting how to whistle the Star Wars theme song.