Our People, Our Community - Meet Roland Henry

6 April 2017

Occupation: Field Coordinator

Lives: Greenbank

Background info:

Greenbank local Roland Henry has a family of twelve and credits his resource industry job with enabling him to provide for his growing family and their important work with foster children.

Formerly a professional bull rider and horse breaker, Roland (better known as ‘Rolly’) hung up his boots to pursue a career with New Hope Group after working as a contractor at their New Acland Mine on the Darling Downs.

Now a Field Coordinator at the company’s head office in Brookwater, Ipswich, Rolly said working for New Hope provided important stability for his young family.

"Working with New Hope means my wife Erin and I can provide a good life for the kids," Rolly said.

"They’ve encouraged me to study my Diploma in Project Management to support my role with the company and help me to continue building a stable future for my family.

"Erin and I both grew up with farming so raising our kids with animals and space to run around is really important to us.

"It’s always a full house but we’ve just finished some renovations on our block in Greenbank to make sure it’s a good fit for the family."

Before moving closer to New Hope’s Ipswich office, Rolly and his family owned a farm in Aubigny, living about 10 minutes’ drive from New Acland Mine.

There they bred Quarter Horses and grew hay for sale to local landholders.

In addition to their own five children, Rolly and Erin have cared for over 120 foster children with Erin also working as a Case Manager at a local non-government foster agency Life Without Barriers.

"Growing up I watched my Mum raise three boys and run the family business on her own and it really instilled the values of hard work and family in me," Rolly said.

"Erin and I started fostering children about ten years ago and in that time we’ve welcomed some great kids into our family, some for just a few nights, and some have never left."