Effective and holistic environmental management is crucial to the success of our operations. We work to identify and use the most practical and sustainable methods of environmental management to minimise the impacts of our activities on the environment and community. This is essential not only to our business but to the sustainable development of Australia’s mining industry.

An Environmental Management System guides New Hope’s environmental practices, supported by advice from independent environmental consultants. This assists the company to improve environmental performance by increasing awareness, optimising operational control, monitoring compliance and enabling continuous improvement.

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New Hope Group's Environment Policy Statement


Above and beyond requirements, we continually search for improvements that will provide better outcomes for the environment and communities near our operations.

Above and beyond requirements

In May 2013, New Hope became the first company transporting coal along the western rail corridor to begin the process of profiling and veneering coal wagons. Trains from the New Acland mine are coated with an environmentally-friendly veneering solution which can reduce the amount of dust from wagons by up to 80 percent. The solution dries to form a flexible 'crust' over the coal and physically prevents dust from being released from the wagons.

We have some of the most highly sensitive and sophisticated dust monitoring equipment in the country operating at our rail loading facility near Jondaryan. Two Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM) dust monitoring systems provide accurate 24 hour a day monitoring.

Our New Acland mine has installed electric horns on machinery and is trialling an upgraded state-of-the-art muffler system on trucks with the aim of further reducing noise.


Noise Management

The New Hope Group is committed to responsible environmental management and continuous improvement across all phases of our projects and operations. 

We understand our noise management practices are an important area of interest for our near neighbours and local communities.

Without appropriate mitigation, noise can become disruptive to day-to-day life. In order to reduce and remain responsive to potential noise issues, the New Hope Group continuously monitors noise and vibration from our current operations and adapts our practices where required.

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2016 ABA100 Winner of the Australian Business Award for Sustainability

New Hope Group’s unique approach to achieving a sustainable, economically productive and environmentally healthy post mine landscape has been recognised nationally by being awarded the 2016 ABA100 Winner of the Australian Business Award for Sustainability.

The award, which recognises organisations that execute initiatives demonstrating leadership and commitment to sustainable business practices, was a result of New Hope’s submission outlining how it integrates a unique combination of three activities into daily coal mining operations at its New Acland mine.

Those activities being;

  • Scientific cattle grazing trials on rehabilitated mined land
  • Environmental conservation, protection and improvement works  to revegetate buffer zones along local waterways to create koala habitat and wildlife corridors, and
  • The use of recycled water for mining activities

You can read more about these activities in New Hope's submission to the Australian Business Awards here.


Green Initiatives

New Hope undertakes a number of environmental initiatives

The purchase of locally produced recycled water for use at New Acland, a native tree and seeding program with Greening Australia, and scientifically-controlled grazing trials monitored by leading independent livestock consultants and a university, are just some of the initiatives we are undertaking in partnership with industry and community enterprises as part of our environmental program. 

Among our environmental initiatives is our involvement in the Federal Government's Energy Efficiency Opportunities program which requires businesses to identify, evaluate and report publicly on cost effective energy saving oppportunites.

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New Hope continuously monitors the air quality conditions at its rail loading facilities. It operates according to strict environmental requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1994 and specifically meets all the Environmental Authority (EA) and Development Approval (DA) conditions set by the Queensland Government.

New Hope goes beyond requirements in the best interests of its neighbours, communities and the wider region.

In May 2013, the New Hope group became the first company transporting coal along the South West System to begin the process of profiling and veneering coal wagons.

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