We believe it is our responsibility to be a key partner in and with our local communities, investing money and time to support vital community organisations. And why wouldn’t we? They are our communities too. We contribute in a number of ways.

Employment & Economic Contribution

One of
QLD's largest regionally-based employers

We are one of Queensland’s largest regionally-based employers, with a direct workforce of more than 600 people and over 3,000 more jobs made possible through suppliers and contractors.

Our company policy is to use local contractors and suppliers for our operational needs wherever possible - another example of New Hope ensuring our local communities benefit from our presence.

Through New Acland alone we inject more than $110 million into the Darling Downs economy each year and more than $300 million into the broader
SEQ economy each year. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our Traineeship and Apprenticeship program in partnership with our service providers.

Visit our Career section to learn more about the opportunities
available with us.

Our People, Our Community

Meet Kylie Smith, Undergraduate Mining Engineer at New Acland Mine

Listen to Kylie's 4GR interview here.


Meet Natalie Kimber, Operator at New Acland Mine

Listen to Nat's 4GR interview here.


Meet son and father team Bodie and Stewart Sherrington, Mining Engineer and Safety & Training Coordinator at New Acland Mine

Listen to their 4GR interview here.

Meet Andy Scouller, Maintenance Improvement Coordinator at New Acland Mine

Listen to Andy's 4GR interview here.


Meet Alan Brown and Bec Murphy, two local Kulpi farmers who work as Operators at New Acland Mine

Listen to their 4GR interview here.


Meet Quinalow locals David and Cathy Wood who both work at New Acland Mine, David as Senior Supervisor and Cathy in Safety & Training Administration Support.

Listen to their 4GR interview here.


Meet Mick Willis, Operator at New Acland Mine.

Listen to his 4GR interview here.


Meet Toowoomba local Brooke Topp, Environmental Officer at New Acland Mine.

Listen to Brooke's 4GR interview here.


Meet Ros Anderson, Operator at New Acland Mine.

Listen to Ros' 4GR interview here.


Meet Grant McDonald, Training and Emergency Response Coordinator at New Acland Mine.

Listen to his 4GR interview here.


Meet Dave Barram, Owner of Adelts Contracting and long term contractor to New Acland Mine.

Listen to his interview here.

Meet Greg King, Project Superintendent at New Acland Mine.

Listen to his interview here.



We contribute in excess of $600,000 p.a

We are proud to support a diverse range of community initiatives through our sponsorships program. We contribute in excess of $600,000 each year to community-based organisations including local schools and sporting clubs, community groups and centres, health and aged care organisations, regional industry associations, charities, and festivals and events.

Visit our Community Sponsorship section to learn more about our Program.


Helping the community

We invest in partnerships to help develop community services, and extend environmental outcomes and research. Our major involvement with the CareFlight Rescue Helicopter Service, our participation in the native seeding program with Greening Australia, participation in the cattle grazing trials with a key university, and a health initiative in the Ipswich region are just some of the partnerships to which we actively contribute.

Visitors joined Careflight at an event celebrating the New Acland Mine 10 Year celebration.

Community Engagement

We actively
seek out community engagment

Through public information sessions and displays, community publications, and our Community Information Centres in Oakey and Maryborough, we seek every opportunity to engage with people in our communities about our activities and to provide an opportunity for feed back to our team. We enjoy sitting down with our community to hear thoughts and ideas. Open communication is central to the way we operate.

In the Darling Downs region, the New Acland Community Reference Group (CRG) is another opportunity for community engagement and the sharing of information, views and ideas. The CRG promotes an active and open, two way conversation between groups representing a wide cross section of the community and New Hope.

Site visits, and involvement in important local events such as FarmFest and the Infrastructure and Energy Summit on the Darling Downs, provide further opportunities.


We're proud 
of our people

The majority of our team are local community members within the areas in which they work. We are proud of the fact that our people welcome every opportunity to take part in volunteering initiatives led by community organisations or in response to immediate community needs such as cleaning up after the 2011 floods in Queensland.

We like to be active in the communities in which we work. Be that helping out at the gardens of the Oakey Hospital, the Brymaroo Rodeo or at a local school canteen, we like to be involved.

The New Hope team working in the new gardens for the Oakey Hospital.


We support the Brymaroo Rodeo & Campdraft.