LifeFlight Foundation

In late 2011, LifeFlight Foundation launched its partnership with New Hope.

Caring from the ground up

This major sponsorship is our way of standing alongside the incredible support that individual community members give through donations. We saw first-hand the tenacious and tireless work of their team through the emergency response to the 2011 floods in Queensland. They are one of the vital life-saving institutions of our great State and rely largely on sponsorships and community donations to function.

For us this is just the start. We are committed to a long and beneficial partnership designed to boost services in the communities in which we operate. The funding support is being used for LifeFlight’s Toowoomba-based operations so the value goes right back into the local community.

LifeFlight Australia has helped more than 15,000 sick and injured patients over the years through its rapid response critical care, providing a service that is essential to the region. Its team of specially trained doctors, nurses and paramedics bring a hospital-level of care to each and every patient. In 2011 and 2013, the LifeFlight service was critical in flood rescue efforts. 

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