The Facts

This is not just about a mine, it’s about securing jobs, keeping local businesses strong and putting money back in the pockets of hard-working regional Queenslanders;

more than $110 million into the Darling Downs economy

  • If approved New Acland will employ more than 550 locals, support 1,000 suppliers and will support more the 14,000 direct and indirect stakeholders;
  • New Hope was forced to cut approximately 150 jobs from New Acland Mine, due to the State Government’s failure to grant a Stage 3 Mining Lease, an Associated Water Licence and approval for the continued use of the Jondaryan Rail Facility as of 1 September 2019;
  • New Acland State 3 is vital economic development project, critical for the future health of the Queensland economy;
  • New Hope is committed to New Acland Stage 3 and will continue to push for approvals;
  • New Hope supports local businesses and suppliers and injects more than $110 million into the Darling Downs economy and more than $300 million into the broader South East Queensland economy each year;
  • Thousands of jobs and $7 billion to the Queensland economy is at risk if New Acland Stage 3 isn’t approved by the State Government;
  • New Hope first sought approvals for New Acland Stage 3 back in 2007; The ramp down at New Acland has impacted the entire community, including labour hire, permanent employees and staff in all departments;
  • A further ramp down will occur towards the end of 2020 if approvals are not forthcoming;

New Hope pays:

  • Aurizon - $100 million annually;
  • Queensland Rail - $100 million annually;
  • Toowoomba City Council - $10 million annually for recycled waste water;
  • Port of Brisbane - $11 million annually.