Bee Creek


Key Information

Product:  PCI (pulverised coal injection) / Thermal coal
Location:  Bowen Basin, Queensland (EPC 777)
Reserves and Resources: See our latest ASX JORC Announcement
Exploration Status:  Early exploration


Bee Creek is located within the northern part of the Bowen Basin. The project consists for the most part of the Rangal coal measures, namely the Elphinstone and Hynds seams. Bee Creek is located approximately 20km west of the township of Nebo. It lies on the eastern limb of the northern Bowen Basin adjacent to the Hail Creek Syncline, a syncline structure that closes to the north and south, and hosts the Hail Creek and Bee Creek deposits at its northern and southern closures respectively.  


The site consists of mostly cleared, subdued relief land, with little vegetation, and the majority of the area is semi-arable grazing land. Groundwater and other environmental studies will commence once the viability of the resource has been confirmed.


Exploration activities have been carried out under access and compensation arrangements with landholders.  


The Bee Creek exploration target for the most part consists of the Rangal coal measures, which is the uppermost coal bearing sequence in the Bowen Basin. The tenement is located between the South Walker Creek and Hail Creek mines, the former producing high energy PCI and thermal product, the latter producing a semi-hard coking coal product from the Rangal Coal Measures (RCM). The Moranbah Coal Measures (MCM) are also contained in this tenement, south and west of the Hail Creek syncline.

New Hope has identified several target areas for the Rangal Coal Measures. New Hope has recently focused their work to better understand the extent of coal, depth, quality and thickness. Study is currently focused on the site’s complex structural variance.

Initial results have intersected coal seams at predicted depths. The Elphinstone seam is the uppermost seam and reaches 11.8 metres thickness however the seam thins to 3 to 5 metres in the north of Bee Creek, Interburden to the Hynds seam ranges from 15 to 85 metres, and averages 50 metres.