New Acland

The New Acland Coal Mine, owned and managed by New Acland Coal Pty Ltd, a New Hope Group company, has played a key role in the Darling Downs region as an employer and economic contributor since it began operation in October 2002.

Playing a key role in the Darling Downs

In March 2012, the incoming State LNP Government announced it did not support the proposed New Acland Coal Mine Stage 3 Project in its then current form. Taking this on board, New Hope has been in discussions with the State Government about options to continue the operation at the mine, thus ensuring current jobs and economic benefits related to the New Acland operations can be maintained.

New Hope has listened to community and government concerns relating to the previous proposal and is in the process of developing a revised version of this plan that addresses these issues. Without the approval of the revised New Acland continuation project, the New Acland operation will close in 2017.

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