New Acland

Key Information

Location:  North-west of Oakey, Queensland
Operations:  2002 to present
Product:   Thermal
Reserves and Resources: see the latest ASX JORC Announcement
Production:  4.5Mtpa (2018)

New Acland Stage 3 Project Bore Baseline Assessment Program


Current operations

For more than a decade, the New Acland open cut coal mine has been a major employer and economic spur to the Darling Downs region.  It provides direct jobs for more than 300 locals, 160 contractors, and contributes to 2300 more indirect jobs. New Acland is a substantial and loyal supporter of local businessses and suppliers, injecting more than $110 million into the Darling Downs economy each year and over $300 million into the broader south-east Queensland economy each year.

Through a leading rehabilitation program, mining lease areas are continually returned to agricultural and conservation uses.  The operation provides significant benefit to the surrounding region through infrastructure provision and support, environmental and educational projects, as well as participation and support for community development initiatives.

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Future Development

The New Hope Group has announced a revised New Acland Coal Mine Stage 3 Project following extensive consultation. The continuation of the New Acland mine is important to maintain the current jobs and economic benefit currently flowing from the operation into the Darling Downs community. 

A key part of the revised project is the relocation of the rail loading facility away from the town of Jondaryan.

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Community Relationships

New Hope engages in extensive community consultation to discuss current and proposed operations. We are committed to being part of the local community, working closely with our neighbours to address potential issues. New Acland actively recruits from the local area and works diligently with the local community to make employment family friendly. Priority is placed on local employment, including the use of local suppliers and contractors. Of the 300 people directly employed at the mine, more than 80 percent live locally. A significant apprenticeship, traineeship and work experience program creates further work opportunities for local people.

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Click here to make contact with our Oakey Community Information Centre.

Environmental Initiatives

A specialist environmental team works on site to implement the comprehensive Environmental Management Plan, which exceeds strict regulatory requirements. This includes water management; noise, air and dust monitoring programs; and a heritage preservation initiative. For example, while noise has been well within allowed limits, the team responded to neighbour feedback by installing quieter ‘cicada’ reversing beepers on vehicles, upgrading the muffler suppression system on haul trucks and introducing electric horns for heavy machinery.

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Land Management

New Acland benefits from one of Australia’s most ambitious and practical land management programs, led by Acland Pastoral Company (APC). Progressive rehabilitation is undertaken – with only 10 percent of lease area mined at any one time. More than 300 hectares of land have already been rehabilitated. This working farm with around 2,000 head of cattle is central to our land use management program and is recognition of the strong history of agricultural land use in the Acland district.

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