Jeebropilly Mine

Key Information

Location:  Amberley, Queensland
Operations:  1982 to present
Product:  Thermal coal
Reserves and Resources: see the latest ASX JORC Announcement
Production:  0.6 Mtpa (2015)

Current operations

The New Hope Group operates an open cut, multi-thin-seam mining operation at Jeebropilly. The Jeebropilly Mine is adjacent to the Amberley Air Base, 23 kilometres west of Ipswich and 92 kilometres from the Port of Brisbane. The mine has a long, rich history and association with Ipswich, having commenced operations in 1982.

The current operations also provides employment opportunities for over 150 people in the local region, helping to grow both the Ipswich and regional economies.


As a long-standing part of the local community, the team at West Moreton has continued to emphasise positive relationships and maintain open communication with neighbours and the broader community. This includes hosting community meetings throughout the year to provide input into environmental and operational performance. As the operations at New Oakleigh drew to a close, these meetings also address the rehabilitation program at the site. The team is also proud to get involved in fundraisers and volunteering throughout the year with a particular focus on the local region.

The company is an active supporter of the region through in both the good times, and the tough. We have supported multiple flood recovery efforts for both the 2011 and 2013 flood events. We also support local community groups on the ground through our Community Sponsorship and Donation Program, helping to make a difference in the local region.

Click here to make contact with the West Moreton Community team.


West Moreton’s mining operations are undertaken on freehold land that is owned by the company. Progressive rehabilitation is a core part of the detailed Environmental Management Plan. Supported by an on-site environmental team, the group maintains the integrity of all operations to the highest standard. 


Coal mined in the West Moreton area occurs in the central to upper part of the Walloon Coal Measures (primarily Jeebropilly Series) and contains locally named coal seams referred to as the Boughen, Butler, Cowell, Passe, Kathage, Wass and Haenke seams. These occur over an interval of approximately 120 metres and 43 individual plies are modeled in this sequence. The plies have an average thickness of 0.06-0.48 metres, with partings of up to 2.7 metres average thickness. 


  • In 2002, Jeebropilly and New Oakleigh were awarded the ‘Excellence in Training in the Coal Sector’ award by the Queensland Mining Industry Training Advisory Body.
  • In 2003, New Oakleigh was awarded the Mines Inspectorate ‘Most Improved Safety Management in Queensland – Southern Region‘ award by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines.
  • In 2012, New Hope won the ‘Ipswich Business of the Year’ Award