Make the call

The State Government’s silence regarding the future of New Acland Mine Stage 3 has forced New Hope Group to initiate a redundancy process, putting 150 workers out of a job before Christmas.

Despite ongoing efforts to meet with the Premier, New Hope Group is yet to receive any indication from the Palaszczuk Government regarding the future of the mine and its application for:

  • Stage 3 Mining Leases;
  • An Associated Water Licence;
  • Approval to continue using the Jondaryan Rail Facility.

New Hope first sought approvals for New Acland Stage 3, back in 2007.


12 years of uncertainty is long enough, particularly for New Hope’s loyal employees and the wider community who rely on New Hope and New Acland to make ends meet. 

The Premier can end the uncertainty for the remaining workforce, create 300 new jobs on site and support the local community by approving New Acland Stage 3 now.

The State Government needs to act and support regional Queensland. It’s time they Make the call.

I support New Acland Stage 3

New Hope helps local businesses prosper and puts money back in the pockets of hard-
working regional Queenslanders, who want the State Government to Make the call.

New Acland Stage 3 Timeline