Response to West Pit mining claims

18 June 2020


New Hope Group vehemently rejects any suggestion it is unlawfully mining at Acland.

The mining of West Pit was considered in 2016 in the Land Court where the representative of the Department of Environment and Science, confirmed that the excavation of West Pit was not in breach of New Acland Coal’s environmental authority.

This is yet another example of opportunistic green activist groups, with an agenda, bringing up spurious claims and using lawfare against New Hope Group in an attempt to frustrate and delay the approvals of New Acland Stage 3, delaying vital job creating projects in regional Queensland.

New Acland Stage 3 is a shovel-ready project that will create 187 new jobs within the first six months, 487 new jobs within 18 months and inject $7 billion into the Queensland economy.